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Supercritical fluid technology (NAKE 002) 4.5 hp


The course "Supercritical Fluid Technology" is given bi-annually at advanced level for PhD students, postdocs and other researchers.

During this intensive course the students will get a theoretical and practical insight into the field of supercritical fluids and its multiple applications. Participants will gain a deep understanding on the use of supercritical fluids in different processes such as extraction and chromatography, material/polymer design, pharmaceutical drug formulation, crystallisation, chemical reactions and biocatalysis.



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Lectures: (i) solubility of small molecules in supercritical fluids; (ii) interpretation of
phase diagrams; (iii) equipment and safety; and (iv) fundamentals and applications of
supercritical fluid extraction, chromatography, polymer processing, particle formation,
reactions and biocatalysis.

Laboratory work: three half-days of lab work: (i) supercritical fluid extraction; (ii)
supercritical fluid chromatography; and (iii) particle formation.
Invited lectures: invited lecture(s) in selected field(s) of supercritical fluid technology.

Teaching comprises lectures and exercises that treat theoretical aspects. The block of
lectures is followed by a compulsory block of laboratory work.

The course is assessed with a written examination.

The course is given bi-annually. The schedule for the latest given course (spring 2017).



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