Department of Chemistry

Lund University

Synchrotron and neutron based methods (NAKE 004 ) 4.0 ECTS

Course description

After the course the students should be able to:

  • describe the principles behind some common synchrotron and neutron based experimental methods
  • give examples of fields of application for these techniques
  • determine to what extent synchrotron or neutronbased methods are useful for solving a research question in their own research field.

Course content

The course starts with introductory lectures in some common synchrotron and neutron based methods. After this, the student will develop a project of their own where they write a proposal for beam time at a synchrotron or neutron facility. The student will choose one of the presented methods, and will be supervised by the teacher that lectured that method. The beam time proposal will be presented in a seminar 4-6 weeks after the lectures have ended.

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