Department of Chemistry

Lund University

Popularizing chemistry (NAKE 003 ) 4.0 ECTS

Course description

The course aims to inspire and prepare the course participants for public outreach activities in chemistry with the general public and schools as tentative audience. This course addresses graduate students as the dissemination of research results and related knowledge is a skill of increasing importance in the modern scientific community. The course participants are expected to develop and demonstrate experiments and / or informative material that highlight the importance of chemistry and chemical reactions in everyday phenomena and its link to current research.

A desired outcome is to support and inspire students and teachers at Swedish schools. After completion of the course, the participants should be able to:

  • Motivate scientific research in regard to its impact and importance for science, technology and progress for humanity
  • Define project goals and write project plans
  • Have an overview over different methods and tools that can be used to communicate scientific results to the general public
  • Explain chemical principles and own research to the general public
  • Plan and carry out public outreach Projects

Syllabus (in Swedish, pdf)

Course content

The course comprises compulsory lectures /seminars, oral or written exercises, and independent projects carried out in groups of 1-4 participants.

Existing experiment and outreach projects will be presented as examples with the aim to inspire novel activities and ideas initiated by the participants.


  • Introduction to popular science communication

  • Motivating research: Project applications and project planning

  • Writing about science for a broad audience

  • Various media channels for dissemination of research results

  • Independent projects will be carried out in groups of 1-4 participants with a topic of own choice and reported at workshop(s) at Kemiska institutionen or similar events organized on faculty level.


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