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Research for a sustainable society

This can summarize the great width of research at the Department of Chemistry in Lund. Strong focus areas are the environment, renewable resources and health. Broad concepts that includes all disciplines in chemistry.

A significant source of strength for the Department of Chemistry is the unique concentration of core competence within a range of areas within chemistry, as we belong to both the Faculy of Science and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH). This allows to various interdisciplinary research projects and centers and a creative research environment where researchers come together to understand, explain, and improve our world.

The research at the Department of Chemistry takes place in four main research centers. 

Our four research centers:

The Centre for Analysis and Synthesis

The Center for Molecular Protein Science

The Center for Applied Life Sciences

The Center for physical and theoretical chemistry

A unique research environment

The Department of Chemistry is located at Kemicentrum, Scandinavia's largest center for research and education in chemistry. It is a unique research environment close to several major research centers, research parks and industries.

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