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An analytical high-resolution transmission electron microscope with a field-emission electron source.

A Gatan Orius camera was installed on the microscope in October 2019, replacing the old Ultrascan camera. The Orius camera is 4k by 2.7k in size and has an internal shutter, allowing the beam to remain continuously on the sample rather than be blanked at the gun.  Images can be viewed at 14 fps when binned and recorded as a movie.

The structural resolution is 0.17 nm in conventional mode, and 0.13 nm in STEM mode with high-angle annular detector. The microscope has an SDD based Oxford XEDS system for analysis of chemical composition with a spatial precision below 1 nm. (The Gatan Imaging Filter no longer works.) Specialised holders for specimen transfer at liquid nitrogen tempeature, in-situ heating, scanning tunneling microscopy with simultaneous TEM viewing etc are available.

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