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Baozhong Zhang

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Photo: Zhang group after 5 km Lundaloppet in May 2022. (From Left: Tam, Bao, Niklas, Xiaoya, Smita)


Photo: Zhang group in 5 km Lundaloppet competition 2018. (From Left: Xugang, Niklas, Ping, Bao, Smita, Xiaoya)





Niklas has defensed his thesis and become a doctor now. Congratulations!

Ping' paper "Synthesis, Molecular Docking Simulation, and Enzymatic Degradation of AB-Type Indole-Based Polyesters with Improved Thermal Properties" has been accepted by Biomacromolecules in 2020! Congratulations!


Niklas' paper "A rigid spirocyclic diol from fructose-based5-hydroxymethylfurfural: synthesis, life-cycleassessment, and polymerization for renewablepolyesters and poly(urethane-urea)s" has been accepted by Green Chemistry in 2019! Congratulations!


Smita's paper about vanillin-based polyesters has been accepted by ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering in 2019! Congratulations! Here is the link to the early view.


Carlos' paper about lignin-based aliphatic polyesters was published on J. Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem. 2019, congratulations!

Here is the link to the paper.


Carlos' paper about indole-based polyesters was published on ACS Omega 2019, congratulations!

Here is the link to the paper.


Ping's indole-polymers have been collected by University of Pennsylvania Fisher Fine Arts Library Material Collection. Here is the link:

Indole polyesters

Ping has been interviewed by local media about her achievements in indole-based polymers, see the link below:</h5>

The Local (English)


Sydsvenskan (Svanska)


LTH News (Svanska)


Ping and Bao were live on SverigeRadio on 2019-1-15


08/2018, Ping’ paper "Indole as a new sustainable aromatic unit for high quality biopolyesters" was published on Polymer Chemistry and selected as the front cover! Congratulations! </h5>

Link to the paper


01/2018, Carlos’ paper “New biobased non-ionic hyperbranched polymers as environmentally friendly antibacterial additives for biopolymers” was published on Green Chemistry and selected as the back cover! Congratulations! </h5>

Link to the paper




Baozhong Zhang

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Centre for Analysis and Synthesis

Lund University

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