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Alexander Dahlqvist

Research interests

Galectin inhibitors, glycomimetics, carbohydrate drugs, carbohydrate synthesis, C-glycosides.


Aug 2006-Nov 2011: MSc in Engineering Biotechnology, Lund University Faculty of Engineering

Jan 2012-Jun 2012: Stem Cell Research School Graduate Program, Lund University Faculty of Medicine

Aug 2012-May 2019: PhD Studies in Organic Chemistry, Centre for Analysis & Synhesis, Lund University Faculty of Science

May 2019-Ongoing: Researcher, Centre for Analysis & Synthesis, Lund Universiy Faculty of Science


Dahlqvist, A.; Leffler, H.; Nilsson, U. J. C1-Galactopyranosyl Heterocycle Structure Guides Selectivity: Triazoles Prefer Galectin-1 and Oxazoles Prefer Galectin-3. ACS Omega, 2019, 4, 7047-7053. Open Access to full paper at journal homepage

Dahlqvist, A.; Zetterberg, F. R.; Leffler, H.; Nilsson, U. J. Aminopyrimidine-galactose hybrids are highly selective galectin-3 inhibitors. Med. Chem. Commun., 2019, 10, 913-925. Open Access to full paper at journal homepage

Dahlqvist, A.; Furevi, A.; Warlin, N.; Leffler, H.; Nilsson, U. J. Stereo- and regioselective hydroboration of 1-exo-methylene pyranoses: discovery of aryltriazolylmethyl C-galactopyranosides as selective galectin-1 inhibitors. Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2019, 15, 1046-1060. Open Access to full paper at journal homepage





E-mail: Alexander.Dahlqvist[at]


Postal address

Centre for Analysis & Synthesis

Lund University

P.O. Box 124

SE-221 00 Lund Sweden 

Visiting address

Kemicentrum Naturvetarv 14 /Sölvegatan 39 Lund