Department of Chemistry

Lund University

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MSc and BSc projects

Project/diploma work in the group

We have diploma works available in all our ongoing projects, though we may not be able to accommodate new students at all times. Most of our projects are experimentally demanding so candidates will need to have experience in organic synthesis. A diploma work in organic chemistry is an opportunity to participate in leading synthesis driven research, but please realize that doing a project in this group is a significant undertaking. We aim to take great care of our undergraduate students, and in return we expect a certain level of ambition and dedication.

Students at LU

If you are interested, please come by Daniels office bringing (i) academic transcripts (grades) and (ii) an updated CV.

Erasmus, etc.

Incoming students are welcome to contact us. Unfortunately we are only able to accept students with quite extensive lab experience. At least one project course in organic or organometallic chemistry is a requirement to be considered. Research experience is preferred. 

If interested, please send a copy of (i) academic transcripts (grades) and (ii) a CV and (iii) a short summary of practical lab experience indicating the amount of independent lab work to Daniel.