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List of equipment

Below follows pictures of a selection of equipment in our high-pressure fluid labs. 

Scroll down to find a complete list of equipment.

High pressure fluid lab. Carbon dioxide is the main solvent used here.

High-pressure phase equilibria circulating system with in-line UV/vis spectrophotometer and densitometer and an on-line supercritical fluid chromatography system with diode array detector (SFC/DAD, Waters/Thar Investigator).

Supercritical fluid extraction system (Waters ASFE, MV-10)

Supercritical fluid extraction system with in-line UV/Vis and on-line evaporative light scattering detector (SFE-CCD-ELSD)

Semi-preparative supercritical fluid chromatography system from Waters (Thar Investigator)

Supercritical fluid extraction system (Isco)

Variable volume view cell (homebuilt)

Microscope with camera

CO2 particle formation lab. Contains equipment for producing particles inside supercritical CO2 or from a rapidly expanding CO2 solution.

Merichel Plaza in front of the pressurized liquid extraction system (ASE-200 Thermo)

Pressurized liquid extraction system (Thermo, ASE 350)

Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) and particle formation (RESS) system (Thar Technologies/Waters)

Subcritical water extraction with continuous flow (homebuilt)

Supercritical Anti-Solvent precipitation (SAS) in supercritical solution system

100-mL high-pressure fluid stirred batch reactor (Autoclave)

Supercritical fluid chromatography with mass spectrometry (Waters UPC2-QTOF/MS)

HPLC with photodiode array detector, charged aerosol detector and electrochemical detector (Thermo, HPLC-PDA/CAD/ECD)

Two-dimensional SFC system (Agilent)

List of Equipment

Subcritical/supercritical fluid extraction equipment

Pressurized liquid extraction system, 10-100 mL (ASE-350 Thermo)

Pressurized liquid extraction system, 10-100 mL (ASE-200 Thermo)

Supercritical fluid extraction system, 5-10 mL (MV-10 Waters)

Supercritical fluid extraction system, 500 mL (Thar Technologies/Waters)

Supercritical fluid extraction system, 10 mL (Isco)

Subcritical water extraction with continuous flow (homebuilt)

High-pressure syringe pumps, up to 120 MPa (Isco)

High-diffusion liquid chromatography equipment

Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography system (UPC2, Waters)

Supercritical fluid chromatography system (SFC, Agilent)

Semi-preparative supercritical fluid chromatography system (Thar technologies/Waters)

Pressurized hot water chromatography system (homebuilt)

View cells and reactor vessels

High-pressure variable volume view cell (homebuilt)

High-pressure vessel with ultrasonication and windows (homebuilt)

Stirred high pressure fluid reactor, 100 mL (Mini React Autoclave Eng.)

Fluidized Sand Bath Reactor

Particle formation systems

Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution, RESS (Thar Technologies)

Rapid expansion of supercritical solution with electrodeposition, RESS-ED (homebuilt)

Carbon dioxide assisted nebulisation with a bubble dryer, CAN-BD (homebuilt)

Supercritical antisolvent precipitation, SAS, and solution enhanced deposition by supercritical solution, SEDS (homebuilt)

General analytical chemistry equipment

UPLC with DAD and Corona-CAD (Dionex/ThermoFisher)

QTOF-MS and Orbitrap-MS

Wide selection of HPLC and GC systems