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Mass spectrometry

Welcome to the KILU-CAS MS facility. Here we carry out research, service analysis, and teaching at advanced level courses.

Depending on the research question, type of sample, and concentration of compounds of interest, different types of MS instruments is appropriate. At KILU-CAS we have several MS systems, as shown in the menu bar to the left. If you are not sure which system would be most appropriate to use, please consult Sofia Essén who is responsible for the facility. For booking of systems and possibilities to have samples analyzed as work-for-hire, see information for each system or contact Sofia Essén.

Facility administrator

Sofia Essén
Mobile: +46 (0)703-461730


Postal address:
Lund University
Department of Chemistry
P.O. Box 124
SE-221 00 Lund

Visiting address:
Naturvetarvägen 14 /Sölvegatan 39 A-C
223 62 Lund

Delivery address
Naturvetarvägen 16
223 62 Lund

Internal mail:
Pick-up location 1


A map to find the facility at Kemicentrum can be found here!