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About the Centre for Analysis and Synthesis

The Centre for Analysis and Synthesis belongs to both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering and we teach students from both faculties. Thus, we are responsible for teaching the core subjects of general, analytical, inorganic, materials, polymer and organic chemistry from undergraduate to doctorate level.

Information about the Faculties can be found in the following links:

Faculty of Engineering / Lunds Tekniska Högskola(LTH)

Faculty of Science / Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten

The research at CAS is cross-disciplinary and is presented for each research group. The research involves inter alia:

  • Green chemistry and green technology

  • Chemical biology: small organic molecules as tools in life sciences with special emphasis on constituents of fungi and medicinal plants, DNA recognition, tubulin-modulating molecules, and glycobiology

  • Synthesis of natural products and derivatives

  • Self-assembly, supramolecular catalysis and host-guest phenomena of synthetic receptors

  • Organometallic chemistry of the transition metals with an emphasis on activation of small molecules and unreactive bonds

  • Bioorganic stereochemistry

  • Computational modeling and design of novel biologically active compounds

  • Supercritical fluid technology

  • Functional polymer materials

  • Atomic scale structure  and chemical composition of materials for energy conversion

  • Biocompatible inorganic materials

  • Oxide and silicate materials

  • Complex intermetallics