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LINXS: First symposium - Integrative Structural Biology


Tid: 2018-11-19 12:00 till: 2018-11-21 13:00
Plats: Elite Ideon Gateway, Lund
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The first symposium, which is the kick-off event for the new LINXS theme, will focus on advanced, cutting-edge research in the fields of macromolecular crystallography, Cryo-EM, small angle scattering, electron diffraction, mass-spectroscopy, NMR, and use of XFELs etc, and how these and other experimental approaches can be efficiently combined to resolve structure/function relationships in life science and medicine.  The target group is academic researchers as well as researchers from large-scale facilities (MAX IV, ESS, etc), health care and industry.

The program is centered around invited internationally leading keynote speakers, that will be mixed with shorter invited talks, TechTalks, as well as Clip-session presentations and round table discussions, and will be an excellent platform for national and international networking. Both experienced specialists and researchers with more recently established interests in integrative structural biology are expected to greatly benefit from the symposium. The meeting is free of charge and the number of participants is limited to 120. The registration is open until October 25.

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