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KILU Newsletter, week 44, 2018-11-01

KILU Newsletter is the Department of Chemistry's internal newsletter.


Ola Wendt is awarded the Norblad-Ekstrand medal

Ola Wendt from The Centre for Analysis and Synthesis is the 2018 recipient of the Norblad-Ekstrand medal, presented by the Swedish Chemical Society. The Norblad-Ekstrand medal is awarded to persons who are distinguished by outstanding scientific research in chemistry and bordering sciences or who have performed work of great value to the Swedish Chemical Society. Read more (in Swedish).

Researchers receive grants from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Two researchers at the Department of Chemistry have received funding from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). The researchers are Eva Unger from the Division of Chemical Physics, and Daniel Topgaard from the Division of Physical Chemistry.

Peter Spégel awarded scholarship

Peter Spégel, from CAS, has been awarded the SEK 50 000 Medeon scholarship for his diabetes research.

Karin Schillén has been offered a guest professorship at Sapienza University of Rome

Karin Schillén, Division of Physical Chemistry, has been offered a Guest Professorship at the Department of Chemistry, Sapienza University of Rome from the Sapienza Visiting Professor Programme 2018 with a contribution of 9000 Euro. The tentative period of her visit is September to November 2019.

Susanna Törnroth Horsefield is promoted to professor at Lund University

Susanna Törnroth Horsefield from the Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, was recently promoted to professor in biochemistry specialising in integral membrane proteins.

Researchers in media

Ulf Ellervik has written a chronicle in the magazine Curie about research on breakfast. Read the chronicle (in Swedish).

Ulf Ellervik was interviewed in several media outlets about breakfast from a chemistry perspective. For example in Sydsvenskan (subscription required).

Ulf Ellervik took part in the seventh episode of the TV programme Fråga Lund talking about the world's most poisonous substance and he also conducted an experiment with pumpkins. Watch the programme at SVT Play.

Per Uvdal, The Division of Chemical Physics, was mentioned in Kristianstadsbladet on the subject of a lecture he held entitled “Were the dinosaurs really black?”.

Ola Wendt was interviewed in Kemivärlden Biotech about receiving the Norblad-Ekstrand medal. Read the article (in Swedish).

Sven Lidin was interviewed in Nyhetsmorgon about the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Sara Snogerup Linse, professor at the Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology and member of the Nobel committee for chemistry, was interviewed in Svenska Dagbladet about this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Read the article (in Swedish).

Eva Nordberg-Karlsson, Division of Biotechnology, was interviewed about Nobel Prize in chemistry. Read the interview (in Swedish).

Villy Sundström (professor emeritus at the Division of Chemical Physics) was interviewed in Kemivärlden Biotech about this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics. Read the article (in Swedish).

Susanna Törnroth Horsefield from the Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology was interviewed in Skånska Dagbladet in connection with her recent inauguration as a professor. Read the article (subscription required).

Don't miss..

Seminar: Social imbalance in academia, November 22

On the 22nd of November there will be a seminar on social imbalance in academia. Social background is not always seen in people’s appearance but we know that there is a strong social bias in choosing profession and what to study. In the three seminars in this mini-symposium we will hear about how social background is reproduced both in our recruitment of students and among faculty members. Do not miss this opportunity for interesting talks and vivid discussion.

Time and place: November 22 (in the afternoon), lecture hall B at Kemicentrum.
Invitation and program will be sent out soon. 

Mass spectrometry applications seminar, November 9 

13:15   Opening remarks (Charlotta Turner)
13:20   General about the facility (Sofia Essén)
13:35   Mass spectrometry in metabolomics (Peter Spégel)
13:50   Diet or surgery – A multi‐platform metabolomics approach to investigate metabolic changes induced by caloric restriction and gastric bypass surgery (Katharina Herzog)
14:05   Coffee break
14:30   Using mass spectrometry to identify, quantify or characterize proteins and peptides (Cecilia Emanuelsson)
14:45   Quantitative analysis of carotenoids using SFC-QqQ-MS/MS (Daniel Molins Delgado)
15:00   Supercritical fluid chromatography coupled to MS (Margareta Sandahl)
15:15   Lab tour at CAS (Sofia Essén), followed by at Biochemistry (Katja Bernfur)

Date: 9th of November, 13-16
Place: CAS lunch room at Kemicentrum

Sign up latest 6th of November here

LINXS workshop: Scattering and Dynamics of Flowing Soft Material, December

Welcome to a thematic workshop where we bring together leading experts in the field of flows of soft materials, with a particular focus on neutrons and X-rays, but also complementary techniques including NMR, confocal microscopy, theory and computer modelling. The workshop is arranged by the Lund Institute of Advanced Neutron and X-ray Science (LINXS).

Time and place:  Monday, December 10, 2018 12:00 - Wednesday, December 12, 2018 13:00, Elite Hotel Ideon. Registration deadline: 16 November.
Read more and register

Financial information

Financial report T2 2018

The financial result for the period January-August 2018 (T2) for the Department of Chemistry is 3 MSEK compared to a budget of -2,5 MSEK. i.e. 5.5 MSEK better than budget.

In Education the result is 1.2 MSEK compared to a budget of -0.4 MSEK, there is an improvement versus budget which is caused by additional income from contracted teaching and delayed investments. In research the department have a result of 1.8 MSEK compared to a budget of –2 MSEK this is mainly because the department have received additional government founding.

The forecast of the year, T2 2018, shows a weaker financial result -3.6 MSEK compared to budget -2.4 MSEK, this is mainly because the department are recruiting PhD students and postdocs in a strategic venture towards younger researchers.
If you have any questions contact Håkan Hansson, Head of Finance at the Department of Chemistry.

Information from the library

Questionnaire about the subscription cancellation of Elsevier Journals

Lund University Libraries provide access to scientific information for employees and students at Lund University. Since there has been a subscription cancellation with Elsevier from July 2018 and onwards the libraries want to investigate if and in what ways this has affected you as a researcher or student. Your answers will be anonymous and the information gathered through the questionnaire will only be used in order for the libraries to improve on their services.

Go to the survey in English


Opening hours at Kemicentrum on November 2 (day before All Saints day/Alla
helgons dag)

INFORMATION DESK: 08:00 – 12:00
LIBRARY: 09:00 – 12:00

Message from the Information desk

The 13th of November the Information desk closes at 12:15.

Emergency evacuation drill

A partial evacuation drill was conducted on the 25th of October 2018 in building 2 and 5 at Kemicentrum. The overall results from this drill were positive. Nobody used the smoky stairwell in building 2, within approximately four (4) minutes the buildings had been evacuated and all concerned personnel had gathered at the assembly points. Observations at both the assembly points were positive. While the alarm sounded, groups stayed at the assembly points; however, once the alarm was silenced a large group started to re-enter at entrance B before staff/authorities from Kemicentrum had given the “all clear” signal.
In both buildings the doors leading to/from the labs and offices were not closed in a correct manor. According to the regulations, the doors leading to/from the labs and offices should be closed when leaving the building during evacuation.

Remember that nobody may enter the building prior to the “all clear” signal being issued by Kemicentrum’s staff/authorities.

In Emergency Evacuation Situations, we communicate through a SMS service. If you would like to sign up to this SMS service, please talk to your department’s administrator.

At Lund University

Information on Lund University’s establishment in Brunnshög, November 5

The preparatory group for LU@SVS invites all employees, students and other interested parties to an information meeting about Lund University’s opportunities regarding its potential establishment in Brunnshög. No advance registration is required.
Date: 5 November 2018
Time: 15:00 – 16.00 (held in Swedish)
Time: 16:00 – 17:00 (held in English)
Place: Palaestra et Odeum
Learn more:



Himmelsk kemi och stjärnors födelser

Tid: 2019-03-21 18:00 till: 19:00


Erika Eiser: Micro-rheology in DNA Hydrogels

Tid: 2019-03-28 14:15 till: 15:00


Defence of thesis in Theoretical chemistry

Tid: 2019-03-29 13:15 till: 16:15


Public defence of thesis in Physical Chemistry

Tid: 2019-03-29 13:15 till: 16:15


Defence of thesis in Organic Chemistry

Tid: 2019-04-12 09:00 till: 12:00