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KILU Newsletter, week 39, 2017-09-28

KILU Newsletter is the Department of Chemistry's internal newsletter.


Charlotta Turner was awarded the Arrhenius Plaque

Charlotta Turner from CAS was awarded the 2017 Arrhenius Plaque by the Swedish Chemical Society.

Kimberly Thelander receives SEK 34 million from KAW

Kimberly Thelander, from CAS and Solid State Physics, has been awarded SEK 34.2 million from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The grant is to be used in a project entitled “Controlled atomic scale 3D ordering for exotic electronic phases”. Read more (in Swedish).

Equation reveals the characteristics of quantum chaos

Researchers have now succeeded in formulating a mathematical result that provides an exact answer to the question of how chaos actually behaves. The researchers have analysed chaotic states at the atomic level.
“In chaotic quantum systems, the energy levels repel each other, and they affect each other even if they are far apart”, states Vladimir Osipov, a researcher at The Division of Chemical Physics and one of the authors of the new study. Read more

New publication in Nature Communications

The Scheblykin Group, from the Division of Chemical Physics has published a new article in Nature Communications entitled "Defect-induced local variation of crystal phase transition temperature in metal-halide perovskites".

Anna Sundström Award to Filip Lenrick

Filip Lenrick, former PhD student at nCHREM (CAS) has been awarded the Anna Sundström Award 2017 for his thesis “Focused Ion Beam Preparation and Transmission Electron Microscopy of Materials for Energy Applications”.

Filip Lenrick was awarded the prize with the following motivation: Dr Lenricks’s work provides new light on the properties of inorganic materials with potential uses in energy conversion. The thesis notably provides an insightful view of materials synthesis and characterization by microscopic methods. It even provides an interesting overview of this area for non-specialists.

The prize was awarded during the Inorganic Chemistry Days in Nynäshamn 17 June this summer. Anna Sundström (1785 -1871) was the first female chemist in Sweden, working with J.J. Berzelius.

Håkan Wennerström is the recipient of the 2018 ACS award in colloid chemistry

Håkan Wennerström, professor emeritus at the Division of Physical Chemistry, is the recipient of the 2018 ACS award in colloid chemistry. Håkan Wennström is awarded for his outstanding contributions to our understanding and applications of the fundamental molecular interactions and forces in complex colloidal, soft-matter, and self-assembling systems. He will be honored at the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, in conjunction with the 255th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, LA, USA.

New publication in Science Advances

The Zigmantas Group, from the Division of Chemical Physics, has published a new article in Science Advances entitled "Quantum coherence as a witness of vibronically hot energy transfer in bacterial reaction center".

Brain damage in fish affected by plastic nanoparticles

A new study from Lund University shows that plastic particles in water may end up inside fish brains. The plastic can cause brain damage, which is the likely cause of behavioural disorders observed in the fish. The study was conducted in collaboration between researchers from the Division of Biochemistry and structural biology at the Department of Chemistry and Aquatic ecology and Center for environmental and climate research.

“Our study is the first to show that nanosized plastic particles can accumulate in fish brains”, says Tommy Cedervall, from the Division of Biochemistry and structural biology.

The study was recently published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Read more

Wasted bird feathers are turned into food

Every year, millions of tons of bird feathers from slaughterhouses are wasted. In the future, we can instead perhaps make use of the protein in the feathers and eat them. Rajni Hatti-Kaul and Mohammad H A Ibrahim at the Division of Biotechnology, have identified and refined a strain of bacteria that can break down the often inaccessible proteins in the feathers into more convenient – and edible – amino acids.
Read more

Lieselotte Cloetens has been awarded funding from the Crafoord Foundation

In the August issue of KILU Newsletter we wrote about who received funding from the Crafoord Foundation. Also Lieselotte Cloetens at the Division of Pure and Applied Biochemistry was awarded funding, SEK 300 000.

Outreach project about sea pollution

Researchers from the Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology (Martin Lundqvist, Tommy Cedervall and Mikael Ekvall) are involved in an outreach project "Den sjätte kontinenten" (The sixth continent) together with Teater Sagohuset. The project includes theatre performances, workshops and an exhibition highlighting sea pollution. "Den sjätte kontinenten" premieres on September 30 at Edmanska huset, Folkparken i Lund.

More information about the theatre performances, workshops and exhibition.

Researchers in media

Vladimir Osipov, postdoc at the Division of Chemical Physics, was interviewed on the subject equation reveals the characteristics of quantum chaos. Read about it here (in Swedish): Kemivärlden Biotech and

Joakim Stenhammar, from the Division of Physical Chemistry, has written an article entitled “En bakterie simmar aldrig ensam” (A bacterium never swims alone), published in Kemivärlden Biotech. Read the article (in Swedish)

Rajni Hatti-Kaul and Mohammad H A Ibrahim were interviewed on the subject that wasted bird feathers are turned into food. Read about it here (in Swedish): SVT Nyheter, Kemivärlden Biotech, Land Lantbruk and NyTeknik.

Tommy Cedervall was interviewed in many media outlets on the subject that plastic particles in water may end up inside fish brains. The plastic can cause brain damage, which is the likely cause of behavioural disorders observed in the fish. Read about it here (in Swedish): SVT Nyheter, Metro, Sydsvenskan, Östgöta Correspondenten, Vimmerby Tidning, Miljö & Utveckling, Bohusläningen and Mariestads-Tidningen.  

Kimberly Thelander receives SEK 34 million from KAW. Read about it here (in Swedish): Sydsvenskan and Kemivärlden Biotech.

Chao Li, PhD student at Division of Biotechnology, was interviewed by Bioenergy International on his joint research project on anaerobic digestion. More specifically his research is focused on co-digestion of Miscanthus with chicken manure. Read the article (page 6-7).

Don't miss..

KILU DAY 2017, October 12 – register by September 29

Welcome to an inspiring department day. The theme this year is Equality – reality, dream or possibility? and is part of KILU’s strive to be(come) a department with equal opportunities for women and men.

The KILU day will take place in the afternoon of October 12, starting at 13.15 in lecture hall A and ending with dinner in Gallien. The day includes lectures from four invited speakers with experience working with equality related issues, a quiz and a panel discussion.

Time and place:
12th of October at 13.15, Kemicentrum, lecture hall A. The seminars will be followed by dinner at 18.00 in Gallien (student common room, Kemi- och biotekniksektionen).

See program and register here by September 29.

Naturvetenskaplig supershow, 14–15 oktober

Biologishowen, fysik- och lasershowen och kemishowen – går ihop och gör en supershow som ges vid fem tillfällen 14–15 oktober på Lunds Stadsteater.

Biljetter kan köpas hos: Biljettbyrån i Lund, 046-13 14 15, Botulfsgatan 1 A eller på som tar ut en serviceavgift på 10 kr utöver biljettpriset. Om biljetterna inte är slutsålda går det även att köpa biljetter på Lunds Stadsteater, Kiliansgatan 13, en timme innan respektive showstart. Läs mer

Kemicentrum 50 years – save the date!

Kemicentrum is celebrating its 50th anniversary! On the 14th of December there will be a 50th anniversary celebration for all employees and all students at Kemicentrum.

Time and place: 14th of December (in the afternoon) at Kemicentum.
Invitation and program will be sent out.

PhD Information

The new research school for all PhD students with chemistry related projects – QDETAILSS - is starting!  Please apply before September 29.

QDETAILSS stands for "high Quality DETection and Analysis of Liquid and Solid Samples" and is a research school, financed by The Faculty of Science, dedicated for all PhD students working with experimental problems related to chemistry. The school provides competence in experimental research project management and includes courses in “Good Laboratory Practice” – GLP, data statistic, project management, ethics and communication.

The research school starts in the autumn every year and students are enrolled for two years. The school is aimed for students in the beginning of their PhD studies and priority is given to the students most recently enrolled in a PhD program.

You find more information about the school and how to apply at:

If you have questions please contact:
Viveka Alfredsson (coordinator of QDETAILSS)
+46 46-222 81 55

Sofi Elmroth (Head of graduate studies at KILU)
+46 46 222 36 92

The KILU introduction

The KILU INTRODUCTION will this fall be included in the 1st workshop of the research school QDETAILSS. For those not participating in QDETAILSS the time schedule and resulting course credits will differ depending on your starting year as PhD student. Make sure you register for the right option.

Valid for PhD students starting 2015 and earlier.
Date: Mon 16 OCT, 09.15 - 12.00
Credits: 0.5 hp
Registration to:  Please use ”KILU INTRODUCTION-2015orearlier” in heading
Registration deadline: October 6, 2017

KILU INTRODUCTION/Alt2: Valid for PhD students starting 2016 and 2017 but not participating in QDETAILSS.
Dates: Monday 16 October, 09.15 - 16.00 (general introduction) + Thursday 19 October 13.00 – ca 16.30 (rules and tools for archiving)
Credits: 1.0 hp including pre-course literature studies
Registration to: Please use ”KILU INTRODUCTION-2016or2017”  in heading
Registration deadline: October 6, 2017

Financial information

Analysis of equity (myndighetskapital)

As the equity at Lund university amounted to 1 457 MSEK end of 2016, a decision was made by our chancellor, Torbjörn von Schantz, that all parts of the organization are to analyze their equity during 2017 in order to get a better understanding of possibilities to use our resources in an efficient and strategic way. The equity at the Department of Chemistry as a whole, including the board of joint services at Kemicentrum (husstyrelsen) was 70,7 MSEK at the end of 2016 and 58,4 MSEK excluding the board of joint services. The KILU finance team together with all divisions of the Department of Chemistry are together analyzing the spread of the equity between Education and Research as well as between state and external financing. The analysis will be ready in the Fall of 2017, at which time the Department of Chemistry will also report a forecast of the planned usage of the equity to our faculties.

If you have any questions contact Karolina Isaksson, Head of Finance at the Department of Chemistry.

Research funding

On the Department of Chemistry website we have gathered information about research funding on a specific page. Here we publish calls for proposals that come to the attention of the department. Visit the page:


Message from the Information desk

The Information desk at Kemicentrum closes at 12.15 on the 12th of October.

Update from the Nomination committee

The nomination committee at the Department of Chemistry has finalized the first round of interviews with the candidates. The final interviews are expected to be finalized in beginning of October.

At Lund University

Seminar series: Bias in Science?

Inspiring talks on research-based knowledge about diversity in science with internationally recognized speakers, followed by dinner and mingle.

Paul Walton, University of York
Diversity and science
Experiences from the Athena SWAN Gold Award-winning Chemistry Department at York University.
Date and time: October 11, 15:15
Venue: Astronomy House, Lundmarksalen
Dinner: Pinxtos, Lilla Gråbrödersgatan 2, 17:30

Londa Schiebinger, Stanford University
Honorary Doctor 2017 at the Faculty of Science
Workshop on gendered science
A workshop for research groups that are interested in the gender dimension in the knowledge of science.
Date and time: November 24, 14:00-16:30
Venue: Fysicum, H:221
Dinner: Pinxtos, Lilla Gråbrödersgatan 2, 17:30

February 2018
Dorothy Griffiths, Imperial College London
Unconcious bias
How to work against bias in the promotion of women in science. Experiences from Imperial college.
Date and time: To be announced
Venue: To be announced

Please register for the dinner by e-mail at

Apply for a theme at the Pufendorf Institute

The Pufendorf Institute invites researchers to apply for a theme to start in the autumn of 2018. The application deadline is 8 January. More information and application

Life Science fair, 19 October

Are you interested in a career in Life Science? Don’t miss the Life Science fair at Medicon Village on 19 October, 10:00–13:00. More information (pdf)

MentLife seminar: Careers in Pharma Industry, 17 October

MentLife is inviting you all to a seminar entitled “Careers in Pharma Industry Explained & How to Best Prepare for a Career Fair”.
Time and place: 17 October, 17:00–20:00 in the main auditorium at Medicon Village. The registration deadline is 10 October.
Read more and register for the event

Information meeting on project applications to Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation

Date: October, 18, at 13-00-15-00
Location: Pangea, Geologiska institutionen, Geocentrum II, 2:a vån, Sölvegatan 12, Lund
Organizers: HT, S and Research Services


Utlysning av medel för Tematiska samverkansinitiativ 2018-2020 – informationsmöte 17 oktober

Lunds universitet utlyser för andra gången medel till tematiska samverkansinitiativ. Tre initiativ kommer att få beviljat medel för 3 år, 2018-2020. Initiativen ska vara fakultetsövergripande (minst tre fakulteter) och även involvera externa partners. Initiativen kommer att utvärderas efter 1,5 och 3 år, och kan ges möjlighet till förlängning.

Den 17 oktober arrangeras ett informationsmöte om utlysningen
. Mötet hålls på svenska och målgruppen är forskare från Lunds universitet samt intresserade externa partners inom offentlig och privat verksamhet, på lokal, regional och nationell nivå.

Sista dag för att anmälan till mötet är den 12 oktober.
Mer information och anmälan

Att arrangera konferens - kort information

Inom Lunds universitet arrangeras varje år ett stort antal konferenser som attraherar såväl anställda vid universitetet som externa deltagare från Sverige och andra länder. Att utbyta kunskap och erfarenhet genom konferenser ingår som en naturlig del i universitetets verksamhet och är en uppmuntrad och värdefull aktivitet.

Att arrangera en konferens kräver en hel del administration, inte minst vad gäller ekonomin. Det är viktigt att alla intäkter och kostnader redovisas inom universitetet. Anställdas privata organisationer eller bankkonton ska aldrig användas för att hantera intäkter eller kostnader för universitetets konferenser.

Mer information om att arrangera konferens finns på Medarbetarwebben.



Defence of thesis in Theoretical Chemistry

Tid: 2018-09-28 13:15 till: 16:00


Dissertation Abdelrazek Mousa

Tid: 2018-12-17 09:00 till: 13:00


Dissertation Maria Luisa Verteramo

Tid: 2019-03-29 09:00 till: 13:00