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KILU Newsletter, week 35, 2018-08-30

KILU Newsletter is the Department of Chemistry's internal newsletter.


Fluorescent molecules reveal how cancer stem cells are selectively inhibited

A team of researchers at Lund University has developed a fluorescent variant of a molecule that inhibits cancer stem cells. Capturing images of when the molecule enters a cell has enabled the researchers, using cell-biological methods, to successfully describe how and where the molecule counteracts the cancer stem cells.
The study has been carried out by research teams in chemistry, cell biology, chemical physics and medicine at Lund University. Daniel Strand’s research team (from CAS), is one of the teams that primarily have conducted the work. Read more

Per Kjellbom has been awarded funding from the Sten K Johnson Foundation

Per Kjellbom, from CMPS, has received SEK 150 000 from Sten K Johnson Foundation for the project ”Design of plants with increased photosynthesis and carbon dioxide uptake”. Read more

Fulbright scholar joins Physical Chemistry for one year

Brett Pogostin, 2018 graduate from Haverford College in Pennsylvania, USA, has received a Fulbright award to spend one year at the Division of Physical Chemistry. At Lund University, Pogostin will work mainly with Ulf Olsson (Division of Physical Chemistry) and Sara Linse (Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology), on a project dealing with peptide aggregation. But Brett is not coming alone. At the same time, Brett’s research supervisor from Haverford, Karin Åkerfeldt will be Hedda Andersson Guest Professor in Sara Linse’s group at the Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology.

iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) 2018

iGEM Lund, the student team representing LU at the international synthetic biology competition in Boston, has been working tirelessly throughout the summer. This year the iGEM Lund team is working with Vitreoscilla hemoglobin (VHb), a protein shown to improve cell growth and production of recombinant proteins in microorganisms. By engineering promoters, the team aims to find the optimal VHb concentration to improve the production of target genes. Their project has potential applications in pharmaceuticals and bioprocessing industries. They also participated in the first Biohackathon (Lithuania), a life sciences programming competition where they were one of the three winners of the event that gathered 10 teams from Europe.
Read more about their project.

Researchers at the Department of Chemistry have been awarded funding from the Crafoord Foundation

Several researchers at the Department of Chemistry have received grants from the Crafoord Foundation. Read more (in Swedish).

Researchers in media

Ulf Ellervik was interviewed in several media outlets about the taste and smell of strawberries. Read about it here (in Swedish): SVT Nyheter.

Daniel Strand was interviewed about new research on fluorescent molecules reveal how cancer stem cells are selectively inhibited. Read about it here (in Swedish): Life Science Sweden,

Daniel Strand, from CAS and Petter Persson from the Division of Theoretical Chemistry were interviewed in Kemivärlden Biotech concerning how they organised the first national meeting for Swedish chemists. The meeting was held in Lund and attracted almost 500 participants.

Ulf Ellervik was interviewed about love from a chemical perspective. More information (in Swedish) Sveriges Radio.

Ulf Ellervik was interviewed about his work on popularising chemistry and about his forthcoming book about breakfasts from a chemical perspective. Read more (in Swedish).

Don't miss..

KILU DAY 2018 - Save the date!

This year ́s department day, The KILU day 2018 will be October 11th. Invitation will be sent out soon.

Open seminar: Chemical insights into the origins of our solar system and ancient stars through atomic-scale studies of planetary materials, August 30

A seminar given by Dr. Zega, University of Arizona.
Time and place: August 30 at 14:00 in lecture hall G, Kemicentrum.
More information

Information from the library

Information about publishing agreements

For more information about agreements regarding publishing in Open Access and hybrid journals visit The National Library of Sweden´s website.

Reminder: The library is temporary located in building 4 at Kemicentrum.

You find the library in a temporary location in building 4 due to a renovation project. Map

PhD Information

Time to apply for QDETAILSS! Application for the research school for all PhD students with chemistry related projects - apply before October 1

QDETAILSS stands for "high Quality DETection and Analysis of Liquid and Solid Samples" and is a research school, financed by The Faculty of Science, dedicated for all PhD students working with experimental problems related to chemistry. The school offers a number of complementary skills /knowledge courses.

The research school starts in the autumn every year and students are enrolled for two years. The school is aimed for students in the beginning of their PhD studies and priority is given to students enrolled between August 2017 – October 2018.
You find more information about the school and how to apply at:

If you have questions please contact:
Viveka Alfredsson (coordinator of QDETAILSS)
+46 46 222 81 55

Academic jobs at Physicaloxy

Physicaloxy is an academic web portal for careers of professors, lecturers, researchers and academic managers in schools of physical and earth sciences worldwide. At the website you can find information about job vacancies.

Research funding

On the Department of Chemistry website we have gathered information about research funding on a specific page. Here we publish calls for proposals that come to the attention of the department. Visit the page:


Message from the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) coordinator

Kemicentrum - not classified as a hazardous activity
Administrative court (Förvaltningsrätten) in Malmö has repealed the County Administrative Board Skåne´s (Länsstyrelsen) decision to classify Kemicentrum as a hazardous activity.

New regulations issued by the Work Environment Authority
New regulations have been issued by the Work Environment Authority, see below, and these go to effect 21/8 and 19/11 2018:
• AFS 2018:1 Hygieniska gränsvärden (Sv) (Occupational exposure limits) replaces the previous provision, AFS 2015:7 - came into effect 21st of August
• AFS 2018:2, is an amending regulation to Chemical Hazards in the Working Environment (AFS 2011:19Eng) – came into effect 21st of August 2018
• AFS 1996:7 is repealed, see AFS 2018:3, but it still applies to personal protective equipment that is already on the market, and see also EU Directive 89/686/EEC. Regulation (EU) 2016/425 - came into effect 21st of April 2018
• AFS 2018:4 Smittrisker (Sv) (Infection risks) provision replaces the previous provision, AFS 2005:1 – goes into effect 19/11 2018

 The following are amending regulations:
• AFS 2018:6 Skyltar och signaler (Sv) AFS 2008:13 (Signs and signals) – goes into effect from 19/11 2018
• AFS 2018:7 Gravida och ammande arbetstagare (Sv) AFS 2007:5 (Pregnant and breastfeeding workers) – goes into effect from 19/11 2018
• AFS 2018:9 Innesluten användning av genetiskt modifierade mikroorganismer (Sv) AFS 2011:2 (Contained Use of Genetically modified Microorganisms) (Eng), provisions – goes into effect from 19/11 2018

General Safety Regulations - the booklet has been updated
“General Safety Regulations” the booklet has been updated. A new copy is available from Monday, September 3rd at the Information desk.

Check your wall-mounted shelves in the offices and the laboratory
During the summer holidays in building II in one of the offices, a bookcase has collapsed, the rail from the wall had been loosened. Due to the incident, I ask you to check your wall-mounted shelves in the offices and the laboratory. Ensure that screws are secure and not loose on the transverse rail.
If necessary, please contact the Information desk for reinstallation of your bookshelf!

Kulturnatten/Culture night in Lund - September 15

During Kulturnatten in Lund, Sölvegatan, will be transformed into Naturvetarstråket - an inspiring science festival for the whole family. Undergraduate students in chemistry will show different experiments. At Vattenhallen Science Center you can see the spectacular Chemistry show. The events start at 11.30 and go on until almost midnight. Program (in Swedish)

New guide to Kemicentrum available

An updated guide to Kemicentrum for employees, students and guests is available both on the web as a PDF and in print (in the information desk). Kemicentrum guide (PDF)

Chemical Centre choir - Are you interested to sing in a mixed choir?

We will start the new Chemical Centre Choir this autumn with international and Swedish students, PhDs, postdocs and seniors. Join us on Tuesday September 11 at 17.00 in lecture hall H or send a mail to if you prefer another day or time.
Preferably, you should have some experience from choirs or playing some instrument.

At Lund University

Do you want to improve your presentation technique to better engage your audience and capture their interest?

The aim of the Presenting and Convincing course is to strengthen the participants’ ability to present their messages in a clear and engaging way without sacrificing seriousness. During the course, we combine reviews of strategies and tools with illustrative examples, discussions, group exercises and individual presentations with subsequent feedback. Sign up for the course via Kompetensportalen.

Etikseminarium om medförfattarskap, 8 oktober 2018

Vilka etiska överväganden bör man göra när det gäller medförfattarskap? Vilka publiceringskulturer finns i olika vetenskapliga områden? Kan medförfattarskap missbrukas? Hur används Vancouverreglerna? Det är några frågor som kommer diskuteras på seminariet.
Tid och plats: 8 oktober 2018 kl. 12.00-13.30, Edens hörsal.
Lunchsmörgås, vatten och kaffe serveras kl. 11.45.
Seminariet är öppet och ingen anmälan behövs. För att få lunchsmörgås krävs dock förhandsregistrering.
Mer information