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KILU Newsletter, week 35, 2017-08-31

KILU Newsletter is the Department of Chemistry's internal newsletter.


Chemist receives ERC Starting Grant

Peter Jönsson, at the Division of Physical Chemistry, receives an ERC Starting Grant. The 1.5 Million Euro grant runs over five years and will be used in his research to better understand our immune system. The grant will be used to better understand how an immune response starts at a molecular level, and how our immune system can separate between “self” and “foreign” molecules. Read more (in Swedish).

Tönu Pullerits has received funding from the Swedish Energy Angency

Tönu Pullerits has received funding from the Swedish Energy Agency (SEK 5 842 193) for the project; Highly efficient stable solar cells from 2D perovskite. The grant runs over 3.5 years. The project is based on a current study in collaboration between Lund University and Fudan University in Shanghai. The study was recently published in the journals Advanced Energy Materials, Angewandte Chemie, Advanced Materials and in Chemical Society Reviews. Tönu Pullerits was interviewed in Ny Teknik about the study.

Through fossil leaves, a step towards Jurassic Park

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in establishing the relationships between 200-million-year-old plants based on chemical fingerprints. Using infrared spectroscopy and statistical analysis of organic molecules in fossil leaves, they are opening up new perspectives on the dinosaur era. The unique results stem from a collaboration between researchers at Lund University, the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, and Vilnius University. Per Uvdal, Professor of Chemical Physics is one of the researchers who conducted the study. The study has been published in Nature Ecology & Evolution. Read more

Bacteria never swim alone

Many animal species display flocking behaviour, but the fact that microorganisms do is not as well known. Researchers at Lund University in cooperation with colleagues from the UK and France, have now shown that algae and bacteria form flocks at very low concentrations of individuals, a finding that could increase our future understanding of how the organisms infect their host animals. Joakim Stenhammar from the Division of Physical Chemistry is one of the researchers who conducted the study. Read more

Chemists awarded grant for cooperation theme

The Department of Chemistry has been awarded a grant in the LU call for applications on thematic cooperation initiatives. The project is entitled “Circular Biobased Economy” and is coordinated by Eva Nordberg Karlsson (The Division of Biotechnology) and Josefine Ahlqvist (The Division of Biotechnology and the University’s Research, External Engagement and Innovation Office).

Funding from Åke och Greta Lisshed Foundation

Dr Per Falås and Dr Linda Önnby from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Centre for Analysis and Synthesis (CAS) have received 138 500 SEK from Åke och Greta Lisshed Foundation. The money will be used to set up an ozone laboratory for future studies on ozone chemistry and ozone treatment.

Dr Falås studies cover biotransformation, chemical oxidation, and adsorption of organic micropollutants (e.g. pharmaceuticals) in engineered wastewater treatment systems. Dr Önnby works with dissolved organic matter (DOM) and micropollutants and their respective interactions with chemical oxidants for both fundamental understanding of DOM and further improved management of oxidative water treatment. Both researchers met and worked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) in Zürich as part of their post-doc studies and are now back at Lund University. The ozone lab is planned to be ready by the end of 2017.

Researchers at the Department of Chemistry have been awarded funding from the Crafoord Foundation

Several researchers at the Department of Chemistry have received grants from the Crafoord Foundation.

• Viveka Alfredsson, The Division of Physical Chemistry, SEK 300 000
• Magnus Carlquist, The Division of Applied Microbiology, SEK 300 000 
• Patrik Jannasch, The Centre for Analysis and Synthesis, SEK 300 000
• Ebbe Nordlander, The Division of Chemical Physics, SEK 250 000
• Peter Spegel, The Centre for Analysis and Synthesis, SEK 300 000
• Daniel Strand, The Centre for Analysis and Synthesis, SEK 300 000
• Joakim Stenhammar, The Division of Physical Chemistry, SEK 1 200 000
• Pär Söderhjelm, The Division of Biophysical Chemistry, SEK 300 000
• Jens Uhlig, The Division of Chemical Physics, SEK 200 000
• Valera Veryazov, The Division of Theoretical Chemistry, SEK 300 000
• Kenneth Wärnmark, The Centre for Analysis and Synthesis, SEK 300 000
• Lieselotte Cloetens, The Division of Pure and Applied Biochemistry, SEK 300 000  

Read more (in Swedish)

New publication in Chemical Reviews

A group of researchers from the Division of Chemical Physics (Pavel Chábera, Carlito S. Ponseca, Villy Sundström and Jens Uhlig) and the Division of Theoretical Chemistry (Petter Persson) have published a new review article: "Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in Solar Energy Conversion" in Chemical Reviews. The group is led by Villy Sundström. 

Researchers in media

Per Uvdal was interviewed in Skånska Dagbladet and Sydvenskan about how he together with researchers at Lund University, the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, and Vilnius University have succeeded in establishing the relationships between 200-million-year-old plants based on chemical fingerprints. Many media outlets have reported about the new findings, for example (in Swedish): SVT Nyheter, Sveriges Radio and

Joakim Stenhammar was interviewed about new research showing that bacteria form flocks at very low concentrations of individuals. Read about it here (in Swedish): Land Lantbruk and

Don't miss..

KILU DAY 2017 – Save the date!

This year´s department day, The KILU day 2017 will be October 12th. Invitation will be sent out soon. 

Lund University Student and Staff jubilee party & pre-party, 15 September

Lund University is marking its 350th anniversary and demonstrating its entire range. Since 19 December 2016, the University has been celebrating through various events, activities, theme weeks and jubilee courses. On 15 September, all students and employees at Lund University are welcome to the major student and staff party in Lundagård park (from 17:00). There are 7 000 places – first come first served (Some of the places will be set aside to allow late registration for newly admitted students and new employees in the autumn). Read more and register

Information about the Pre-party
Before the main party LTH will arrange a joint pre-party for students and employees at LTH as well as all employees and students at the three departments that belong both to LTH and to the Faculty of Science (Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics and Centre for Mathematical Sciences). Last day to register was June 29 (current employees and current students) and August 28 (newly admitted students and new employees). The pre-party will take place on the LTH campus, in the form of a picnic (picnic food and water  will be provided) around Lake Sjön (“sjön Sjön”). The pre-party will start at 14:00.

Seminar: Motion of phospholipid vesicles in response to chemical stimuli 

A seminar by Professor Masayuki Imai, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University Aramaki, Aoba, Sendai, Japan.

Time and place: October 16 at 14.15-15.00, Kemicentrum, Lecture hall B

Seminar: Applications of neutron reflectometry to address problems in physical pharmacy

A seminar by Dr Richard Campbell, Institut Laue-Langevin - ILL, in Grenoble, France.
Time and place: September 20 at 14.15-15.00, Kemicentrum, Lecture hall F

Seminar: Ways to change the physical properties of polymer particles at air/water interfaces

A seminar by Associate Professor Dr. Cathy McNamee, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Shinshu University, Ueda, Nagano, Japan.
Time and place: September 14 at 14.15-15.00, Kemicentrum, Lecture hall F

Kickoff for LINXS, 27–29 September

The Lund Institute of Advanced Neutron and X-ray Science (LINXS) invites you all to a kickoff on 27–29 September at Kulturen museum, Tegnersplatsen 6.
Read more and register

Symposium: Annual Symposium 2017 – Materials and Interfaces – Smart, Functional, Sustainable, October 24-26 2017

The Surface Chemistry and Materials Chemistry Division of the Swedish Chemistry Society cordially welcomes you to participate at their annual symposium, ASMCS (Annual Surface and Materials Chemistry Symposium). Read more and register

Life Science infrastructure fair and seminar

For all researchers who want to know more about the excellent life science infrastructure that Lund University has to offer. Learn about how different infrastructures can be important tools in your research.

Lund: 19th of September 14-17, Belfragesalen, BMC D15
(For infrastructure representatives there is also a dedicated session between 13-14)
Malmö: 3rd of October 14-17, CRC, aulan

More than 20 infrastructures will present how they can support life science research. The presentations will be based on four different cases: diabetes, immunology, cancer and neuro science.
Please register before the 12th of September (Lund) or 26th September (Malmö)
Read more:

Welcome to PlantLink Day 2017, 4 October

This year's two themes are Oat genomics and Learning from history - plant research history in the Öresund region, since SLU celebrates 40 this year and LU 350. As usual it is a great opportunity to meet other plant scientists in the region.  PlantLink Day Program 2017

Sign up for free here:

Kulturnatten/Culture night in Lund - 16 September

During Kulturnatten in Lund, Sölvegatan, will be transformed into Naturvetarstråket - an inspiring science festival for the whole family. Undergraduate students in chemistry will show different experiments. At Vattenhallen Science Center you can see the spectacular Chemistry show. The events start at 11.30 and go on until almost midnight. Program (in Swedish)

PhD Information

The new research school for all PhD students with chemistry related projects – QDETAILSS - is starting!  Please apply before September 29.

QDETAILSS stands for "high Quality DETection and Analysis of Liquid and Solid Samples" and is a research school, financed by The Faculty of Science, dedicated for all PhD students working with experimental problems related to chemistry. The school provides competence in experimental research project management and includes courses in “Good Laboratory Practice” – GLP, data statistic, project management, ethics and communication.

The research school starts in the autumn every year and students are enrolled for two years. The school is aimed for students in the beginning of their PhD studies and priority is given to the students most recently enrolled in a PhD program.

You find more information about the school and how to apply at:

If you have questions please contact:
Viveka Alfredsson (coordinator of QDETAILSS)
+46 46-222 81 55

Sofi Elmroth (Head of graduate studies at KILU)
+46 46 222 36 92

Financial information

Financial report Q2 and P2 2017

The actual financial result for the first two quarters of the year 2017 (Q1-Q2) for the Department of Chemistry as a whole, including the board of joint services at Kemicentrum (husstyrelsen), is -0,9 MSEK compared to a budget of -9 MSEK. i.e. 8,1 MSEK better than budget. Education is pretty much in line with budgeted values, thus the positive deviation versus budget is to be found within Research. It is caused partly by lower usage of consumables and delayed employments and partly by additional government grants mainly for infrastructure and ESS transferred from the Faculty of Science (see table 1) 

Also the second forecast of the year, P2 2017, shows an improved result compared to budget, for the full year the result is expected to be 1,6 MSEK better. Since the usage of consumables is expected to pick up in the second half of the year and the personnel costs are expected to increase with additional projects, the improvement of the result is more modest than for Q1 and Q2 (see table 2). 

If you have any questions contact Karolina Isaksson, Head of Finance at the Department of Chemistry.

Table 1

Table 2

Information from the library

SharedIt and Wiley Content Sharing

SharedIt, an initative by Springer Nature allows subscribers to share a link to a read-only full-text version of the article. Subscribers get a shareable link on the Springer website, under the Share article tab on the right of the article page. The link can be posted legally anywhere – including on social media platforms, author websites and in institutional repositories. Everyone, including non-subscribers, can then share the link in his turn. The link provides an access to a readable pdf version of the article, with no possibility of printing or downloading it. Read more:

Wiley Content Sharing
Wiley’s new feature on Wiley Online Library allows users who have access to their journal content (through institutional purchase or other means) to share links to journal articles they have access to. The new feature allows individuals who receive these links to view the full article online easily and with a minimum of hassle.

If you have access to the content, from the HTML view of the full article online you will see a share button in the top right hand corner. When you click on this, if the journal is part of the content sharing program, you will see an option to 'Get Link'. When you click this icon it will provide a popup where you can generate a link you can share with peers and colleagues. Recipients will be able to view the whole article online when they click on the content sharing links that they receive.
Read more:

Course literature at the library

The library has at least one example of all course literature for all courses given at Kemicentrum.

New books are displayed at the library

The library displays new books in one of their windows.

Research funding

On the Department of Chemistry website we have gathered information about research funding on a specific page. Here we publish calls for proposals that come to the attention of the department. Visit the page:


Update from the Nomination committee

The nomination committee at the Department of Chemistry is thanking you for the input and nominations received and will start interviewing the candidates in the coming days. The interview period is expected to be finalized during September.

Message from the information desk and the library

The information desk closes at 12.15 on the 15th of September.
The library closes at 12.30 on the 15th of September.

New employee at the administration

The administration at KILU welcomes Danne Asp. Danne is the new caretaker (starting September 1). At the same time we welcome back financial officer Andreas Andersson from his parental leave.

At Lund University

Välkomstdag för nya medarbetare, 4 oktober

Nu är det hög tid att anmäla sig till LU:s välkomstdag för nya medarbetare. Välkomstdagen hålls 4 oktober kl. 08.30-13.30.  Sista anmälningsdag är den 20 september. Mer information och anmälan hittar du i Kompetensportalen.

Welcome day for new employees, 18 October

LU’s Welcome Day event for new employees will be held in English on 18 October from 08:30 to 14:00. The last day to register is October 4. Read more and register at Kompetensportalen.

Introduction meeting for new staff at LTH

LTH would like to invite all new staff to an introduction meeting. You will receive inspirational and practical information from the Faculty Dean and Human Resources. Both Swedish and international staff members are welcome to attend.

Time and place:  26 October at 13.00 -15.30, Navet, Sölvegatan 22F
Please register on by 19 October at the latest.

Lunds universitets sjätte pedagogiska utvecklingskonferens - 23 november 2017

Målgrupp för denna konferens är ALLA med pedagogiska uppdrag – lärare, forskarhandledare, studievägledare, studierektorer, utbildningsadministratörer, utbildningsledare. Konferensen skapar en organiserad möjlighet för lärare och andra inom universitetet att dela kunskap och erfarenheter av pedagogiska utvecklingsfrågor på samtliga nivåer – från grundnivå till forskarnivå, från enskilda kursmoment till hela program. En möjlighet till dialog, inspiration och kritisk diskussion om lärande, undervisning och lärarskap.
Var: Konferensen kommer att hållas på LUX och SOL, med inledning i LUX hörsal.
När: 23 november 2017 med registrering fr.o.m. kl. 08.30.

Mer information om konferensen