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KILU Newsletter, week 20, 2017-05-18

KILU Newsletter is the Department of Chemistry's internal newsletter.


Anna Stradner appointed professor

Anna Stradner is appointed Professor in Physical Chemistry with focus on scattering studies of biocolloids.

Peter Spégel has received funding from the Per Eric and Ulla Schyberg Foundation

Peter Spégel from CAS has received funding from the Per Eric and Ulla Schyberg Foundation. The grant will be presented to him by the Royal Physiographical Society in Lund on 30 May. Read about it here (in Swedish)

Gunnar Karlström is rewarded by the The Swedish Chemical Society

The Swedish Chemical Society has awarded Gunnar Karlström, professor emeritus at the division of Theoretical Chemistry, this year’s Björn Roos prize. Read more (in Swedish)

Inga Fischer-Hjalmars award 2017

The Swedish Chemical Society has awarded former PhD graduate, Fei Xie, this year’s Inga Fischer-Hjalmars award. Read more (in Swedish).

Gedea Biotech is one of the finalists in the European competition “Emerging Technologies Competition”

The Emerging Technologies Competition is the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual innovation initiative, turning promising ideas into commercial reality. Gedea Biotech was founded by researchers from the Department of Chemistry; Ulf Ellervik, Sophie Manner and Olov Sterner (all from CAS) together with Helena Strevens from the Faculty of Medicine. Gedea Biotech has developed a treatment for vaginal Candida albicans infections. By using the naturally occurring approved food additive GA101, they can prevent, inhibit, and disrupt mature Candida biofilms – the major cause of infection – without using antibiotics. Read more (in Swedish).

Researchers in media

Kenneth Wärnmark, Petter Persson and Villy Sundström have written an article in Kemivärlden Biotech about their creation of the first iron based molecule capable of emitting light. Read the article (in Swedish). The project is led by Kenneth Wärnmark and the results have been published in Nature; "A low-spin Fe(III) complex with 100-ps ligand-to-metal charge transfer photoluminescence".

Lo Gorton was interviewed in LUM about life as a productive retired person. Read the article (in Swedish).

Ulf Ellervik was interviewed by Sveriges radio about the chemistry of love. Listen to the interview here (in Swedish).

Ulf Ellervik has written an article in Kemivärlden Biotech with the title "Smak för komplex kolloid". The article is a summary about ice cream from a chemistry perspective from his new book; "Glass. För kemister och andra livsnjutare". Read the article (in Swedish).

Don't miss..

Lund University Student and Staff party & pre party – 15 September

On the 15th of September 2017, there will be a 350th anniversary celebration party for all employees and all students at Lund University. It has not been decided where and when the event begins, but approximately at 18. More information about the party will come soon.

Pre party
Before the main party there will be pre party. For students and employees at LTH as well as all employees and students at the three departments that belong both to LTH and to the Faculty of Science, there will be a joint pre party on the LTH campus, in the form of a picnic around Lake Sjön (“sjön Sjön”).
All staff and students at the Department of Chemistry are welcome to the pre party. 

Be attentive to further information about the pre party (final registration) and about the main party.

Tankar om kärlek – som kulturellt fenomen och som kemiskt

Stiftelsen Baculus Deperditus bjuder in till en föreläsningskväll i Lunds domkyrka tisdag 23 maj kl. 18.30 där docent Mia-Marie Hammarlin och professor Ulf Ellervik delar med sig av sina tankar om kärlek utifrån respektive specialområde; etnologi och kemi. För mer information:

Föredrag: ”Snacksindustrin och dess smaksättningssystem”, 23 maj

Ett föredag av Jan-Olof Lundberg, Kokomi AB.
Tid och plats: 23 maj kl. 18.00, Kemicentrum, Cafe Estér.
Mer information finns på:

Supercritical Fluid Technology course, 4,5 ECTS

Welcome to sign up for an advanced course on Supercritical Fluid Technology (SFT) for PhD students, postdocs and industry associated at Lund University, 7-30 June 2017, 4.5 ECTS. There are a few seats left, so there is still a chance to join the course!
More information

Seminar: “Metabolic pathway engineering in Cupriavidus necator as platform for biofuel and chemicals production from CO2”, 15 June

A seminar given by Professor Stéphane E Guillouet, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse, France.
Time and place: June 15 at 15.15-16.00, Kemicentrum, lecture hall F

LTH – Honorary Doctors 2017

Lectures with Anna Stenstam, Henrik Madsen and Karin Adelsköld.
Time and place: Thursday 1 June at 09:00-12:00, V:A (Lecture hall in V-huset)
Read more (pdf)

Seminar: "The advancement of chemical crosslinking mass spectrometry for protein structure analysis", 1 June

A seminar given by Andrea Sinz, Department of Pharmacy, University of Halle, Germany.
Time and place: June 1 at 15.00 - 15.45, Kemicentrum, lecture hall F

Seminar: "Biomolecular interactions for sHsps using surface plasmon resonance with leucine zipper peptides for chip immobilization", 1 June

A seminar given by Wilbert C Boelens, Biomolecular chemistry, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Time and place: June 1 at 15.45 - 16.30, Kemicentrum, lecture hall F

PhD Information

PhD courses in LifeSciences 2017 - website is open for applications

PhD courses in LifeSciences in the fall 2017 are announced at the website:

Applications can be made until May 31.

Information from the library

Access to the encyclopedia eMagRes

The online encyclopedia eMagRes provides information on the science, methodologies, engineering, technologies, applications and the history of magnetic resonance, whilst encompassing a whole range of techniques, including: MRI, MRS, NMR and ESR.

Access to ECS online library

Lund University has access to ECS online library. The subscription includes the possibility for researchers to publish articles with open access without paying APC (Article Processing Charge).

Financial information

Financial report Q1 and P1 2017

The actual financial result for the first quarter of 2017 (Q1) for the Department of Chemistry as a whole, including the board of joint services at Kemicentrum (husstyrelsen), is -0,1 MSEK compared to a budget of -5,6 MSEK. i.e. 5,5 MSEK better than budget. Education is pretty much in line with budgeted values, thus the positive deviation versus budget is to be found within Research. It is caused partly by lower usage of consumables and partly by additional government grants mainly for infrastructure transferred from the Faculty of Science.

Also the first forecast of the year, P1 2017, shows an improved result compared to budget, for the full year the result is expected to be 1,6 MSEK better. Since the usage of consumables is expected to pick up in the coming quarters and the personnel costs are expected to increase with additional projects, the improvement of the result is more modest than for Q1. 

If you have any questions contact Karolina Isaksson, Head of Finance at the Department of Chemistry.


Research funding

On the Department of Chemistry website we have gathered information about research funding on a specific page. Here we publish calls for proposals that come to the attention of the department. Visit the page:


Message from the Information desk and the Library

The Information desk and the Library at Kemicentrum will be closed the 25-26 of May and the 5-6 of June.

Opening hours at Kemicentrum during the summer

Information desk
26 June – 4 August 10.00-12.00
7 August – 11 August 10.00-14.00 (closed for lunch 12.15-13.00)

Regular opening hours from the 14th of August.

5 June – 6 June CLOSED
7 June – 16 June 10.00 - 12.00 and 13.00-15.00
19 June - 14 July 10.00 - 12.00 (23 June CLOSED)
17 July – 6 August CLOSED
7 August - 18 August 10.00 – 12.00 and 13.00-15.00

Regular opening hours from the 21th of August.

The entrances
Work days between 26/6 - 6/8 the entrances are open for those with an entrance card. Weekends during this period only entrance A, B and E are open for those with an entrance card.

New employee at the administration

The administration at KILU welcomes Axel Arnberg to our Finance team. Axel is the new financial officer supporting Technical Microbiology and Biophysical Chemistry.

Election for the term 2018–2020 at KILU - nominating committee has been established

In 2017, the head of department, assistant head of department and members of the department board for the term 2018-2020 are to be appointed. The Department of Chemistry´s nominating committee has now been established. The election took place between 2 May and 5 May 2017.

The following members were elected:
Teaching staff
Mikael Akke
Ulf Nilsson
Emma Sparr
Jenny Schelin

Other staff
Maria Södergren
Sofia Essén
Karolina Isaksson

Read more (in Swedish)

At Lund University

Theme for young PhDs 2018

The Pufendorf Institute is now in 2017, with the support of the LMK-foundation, announcing the opportunity to apply for a theme for young PhDs. This is an attempt to create more opportunities for researchers in their early careers, for collaborative transdisciplinary work. The deadline for applications is the 1st of July 2017. Applicants will receive final notice of the outcome no later than early October and the work is to be started with the commencement of spring term, 2018. The application needs to be headed by a primary applicant who will function as group coordinator and the members must be recruited from at least three different faculties.

Researchers at Lund University no more than three and half years but at least six months after a successful PhD exam are welcome to make the theme application together. The main applicant must be employed at Lund University. Read more

Lunds universitets sjätte pedagogiska utvecklingskonferens - 23 november 2017

Målgrupp för denna konferens är ALLA med pedagogiska uppdrag – lärare, forskarhandledare, studievägledare, studierektorer, utbildningsadministratörer, utbildningsledare. Konferensen skapar en organiserad möjlighet för lärare och andra inom universitetet att dela kunskap och erfarenheter av pedagogiska utvecklingsfrågor på samtliga nivåer – från grundnivå till forskarnivå, från enskilda kursmoment till hela program. En möjlighet till dialog, inspiration och kritisk diskussion om lärande, undervisning och lärarskap.

Konferensen kommer att hållas på LUX och SOL, med inledning i LUX hörsal.
När: 23 november 2017 med registrering fr.o.m. kl. 08.30.

Var med och utforma konferensens innehåll genom att skicka in ett bidrag! Mellan den 18 april och 21 augusti tar vi emot abstracts för bedömning.

Mer information om konferensen



Dissertation Abdelrazek Mousa

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