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Peter Schurtenberger

Professor Peter Schurtenberger has been recruited to the Division of Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry.

Peter Schurtenberger is now starting his position at the Division of Physical Chemistry. He got his PhD in 1984 at ETH in Zürich and he has just left a position as professor of Physics at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland which he has had since 1999.

In addition to his professorship he has also been director of the “Adolphe Merkle Institute for pure and applied nanoscience” Three years ago he received the Rhodia Prize awarded by the European Colloid and Interface Society, and he has also received the Latsis Prize off ETH. He is the cofounder of a startup company “LS Instruments”, where he will maintain a role in the leadership.

Peter’s scientific interests are focused on the use of light scattering, X-ray scattering and neutron scattering in the study of soft materials and colloids. He will as a consequence be an important actor in building the scientific activities related to ESS and MAX IV. Peter will in addition contribute very strongly to the ongoing research at the division through his thorough knowledge of scattering methods. Peter brings with him to Lund a substantial fraction of the research group he has built up in Fribourg.

Peter arrived together with a large set of advanced scientific equipment that is transferred to Lund from Fribourg. The first task is to lead the installment of the equipment in the newly renovated laboratories at Kemicentrum. The Department of Chemistry now has a, in a European perspective, outstanding set of instruments for studies of colloidal systems through this acquisition and the equipment acquired through a recent grant from the Wallenberg foundation. Peter is also one of the partners in a in a consortium for infrastructure for the studies of soft matter that is currently being established trough economic support by EU. Peter will work in Lund part-time until April 1st, then he will be able to take up his position full time. Recruiting Peter Schurtenberger to Lund is a part of the efforts to further strengthen the vital development of the research at the Department of Chemistry at Lund University.