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QDETAILSS offers courses under three themes. Some of the courses are compulsory for all PhD students enrolled at KILU. As a student in QDETAILLS you are recommended to follow courses under all three themes.  Depending on Faculty, you are required to take the faculty specific introduction course.

 The scientific mind set

Content: Ethical foundation, theory of science, regulations regarding plagiarism, lab safety and hazards.

CourseCompulsory at KILU Number of ECTSWSxComment

Introductory course at KILU

yes1.5WS1 and partly during spring
Complete course given during WS1. Part of the course aslo given during spring. Students should start the course at their earliest convenience.
Environmental issues and hazards in the chemical labyes2.0WS1Course runs during the whole year. Students in QDETAILSS recommended to start the course during WS1.

Research Ehtics


Course given twice a year. Students in QDETAILSS recommended to start the course during WS 2.

The scientific project

Content: knowledge on running/managing a project, producing reproducible results, understanding the statistics.

CourseCompulsory at KILU Number of ECTSWSxComment
Good Datano2.0WS3Course under development.
Project managementnoTo be decided. WS4Course under development.

The scientific communication 

CourseCompulsory at KILU Number of ECTSWSxComment
Communication I - posterno1.0WS1

Communication II - elevator pitch

Communication III - talkno1.0WS4Course under development.

You have the option to take some of the courses at other occasions than during the QDETAILSS dedicated workshops. You may have the possibility to transfer credits for courses similar to the ones provided by QDETAILSS. 

Courses specific for QDETAILSS students

Good Data, 2 ECTS (WS3)
Experiments performed in the lab generates an increasing amount of data, the quality of which needs to be controlled. This course focuses on introducing tools that can be used to evaluate data, both univariate and multivariate, as well as some tools and a framework that can be used to assess the quality of your experimental work. The course includes lectures and four computer exercises during the workshop week, and a report that should be handed in after the workshop. The course gives 2 ECTS.

This course is developed by teachers/researchers at KILU. Peter Spégel at CAS is responsible for developing and teaching the course.

Communication 1+1+1 ECTS
(WS1, WS2, WS4).
ODETAILSS offers three communication courses designed to suit the demands for a PhD student in the field of chemistry.
• Communication I – poster, 1 ECTS (WS1).
You will learn how to construct a poster that will not only show your data but that will also attract attention. You will use your own data which means that you can use the produced result as a starting point for constructing your next conference poster! At the end of the course there is a poster vernissage where all PhD students enrolled in QDETAILSS are welcome to attend.
• Communication II – elevator pitch, 1 ECTS (WS2).
You will learn how to present yourself and your research in a short (1 minute) and efficient way. With this presentation, you can introduce yourself and your research in the beginning of a talk at a conference or elsewhere.
• Communication III – talk, 1 ECTS (WS4).
Course is under development.

The courses are developed and given by Olle Bergman from Bergmans Bokstäver.

Project management, ca 2 ECTS (WS4)
Course is under development.



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