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QDETAILSS stands for "high Quality DETection and Analysis of Liquid and Solid Samples" and is a research school, financed by The Faculty of Science, dedicated for PhD students working with experimental problems related to chemistry. The school provides competence in experimental research project management and includes courses in “Good Laboratory Practice” – GLP, data statistic, project management, ethics and communication. 

Students are enrolled in the school for two years and the school starts in the autumn every year. The school is aimed for students in the beginning of their PhD studies and priority is given to the students most recently enrolled in a PhD program.

Three thematic areas

QDETAILLS consists of three thematic areas:

  • the scientific mind
  • the scientific project
  • the scientific communication

A number of courses are offered within each theme, some of these are compulsory.


Post graduate studies

A PhD consists of 240 ECTS where typically the research project stands for 180 ECTS and the courses for 60 ECTS.



* The number of ECTS can vary. Check your ISP and the syllabus for your specialisation for exact numbers.




The courses are divided in two parts; one directly related to the research subject and one comprising complementary skills/knowledge. QDETAILSS offers a number of complementary skills/knowledge courses.  In addition, compulsory courses for PhD students at KILU are offered within QDETAILSS.



Illustration: Courses 60 ECTS.



Illustration: Courses within QDETAILSS.




The activities of the school predominantly take place during four workshops (WS). The WSs are scheduled during one occasion in the autumn (WS 1 in the first year and WS 3 in the second year) and one in the spring (WS 2 in the first year and WS 4 in the second year).



Illustration: The activities of the school take place during four workshops (WS) year 1 and year 2.




Illustration: Courses within QDETAILSS (cklick to enlarge illustration).




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