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The Department of Chemistry has a unique strength and breadth with education in all areas of chemistry.

As a student at the Department of Chemistry you study at Kemicentrum which is Scandinavias largest center for education and research in chemistry. It is an international and unique study environment gathering all education in chemistry at Lund University within both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH). We have  state of the art laboratories and teachers that belong to international and national recognized research groups.

Kemicentrums location in the heart of the exciting and research intense Oresund region, close to several major research and business parks and industries and the future research facilities MAX IV and ESS just minutes away, is to great advantage both during and after your studies.

Undergraduate education

At the Department of Chemistry in Lund you can study chemistry on several levels within our many courses and programmes at both the Faculty of Science and at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH).

Visit the website for undergraduate education in chemistry at each faculty for more information about our programmes and courses.

Bachelor´s and master´s programmes

Bachelor´s and master´s programmes in Chemistry at the Faculty of Science

Master´s programmes at the Faculty of Engineering


Free-standing courses in chemistry at the Faculty of Science 

Post graduate studies

With a master in chemistry or chemical engineering you can continue your post graduate studies at the Department of Chemistry.

Post graduate studies at the Department of Chemistry.

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Director of under graduate studies

Director of under graduate studies (KILU)
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Student councelling

Chemistry - Faculty of Science
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Biotechnology - Faculty of Technology (LTH)
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Chemical Enigineering - Faculty of Technology (LTH)
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Environmental Engineering - Faculty of Technology (LTH)
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