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Baozhong Zhang

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Photo: Zhang group in 5 km Lundaloppet competition 2018. (From Left: Xugang, Niklas, Ping, Bao, Smita, Xiaoya)


Projects participating:


eCircular (EU flagship project of Climate-KIC), focusing on plastics circular economy

STEPS (Swedish national project), focusing on bioplastics and transitions 




Research highlights


01/2018, Carlos’ paper “New biobased non-ionic hyperbranched polymers as environmentally friendly antibacterial additives for biopolymers” was published on Green Chemistry and selected as the Back cover! Congratulations!

Link to the paper


Baozhong Zhang

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer / docent



+46 (0)46-222 81 39

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Centre for Analysis and Synthesis

Lund University

P.O. Box 124

SE-221 00 Lund


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Getingev 60 /Sölvegatan 39


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