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Martin Ek Rosén

Martin Ek holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, and he obtained his doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry from Lund University in 2014, having worked with characterization of semiconductor nanowires by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Martin continued with post-doctoral positions at Haldor Topsoe (2014-2016) with Prof. Stig Helveg, Georgia Institute of Technology (2016-2017) with Prof. Michael Filler, and finally a short visit to Chalmers Institute of Technology (2017) working with Prof. Eva Olsson. Throughout these positions, Martin’s research has focused on characterization of surface chemistry by means of in situ techniques, mainly using environmental TEM but also complemented by IR.

In 2018 Martin joined the Department of Chemistry at Lund University as an independent researcher, and became senior associate lecturer (BUL) in 2019


Martin Ek’s research concerns surface chemical processes of solid materials in catalysis, combustion, and corrosion. The connection between surface structure and composition and their reactivity is investigated by means of in situ transmission electron microscopy with atomic resolution, real time imaging in reactive environments. Example research projects include carbon dioxide methanisation and oxidation of soot from biomass gasification; the overarching theme connects to the replacement of fossil with renewable raw materials.

Up-to-date lists of publications and grants can be found at:

ORCID: 0000-0002-5705-8495

Lucris: Carl Martin Ek Rosén


KOKA20/KOKA30a - General and Inorganic Chemistry

Main lecturer and course responsible for the general and inorganic chemistry parts of the introductory chemistry courses in the Engineering Nanoscience and Biomedical Engineering programmes.

KASN40 - Project in Pharmaceuticals, Materials or Chemistry

Responsible for materials related projects. Past projects include:

  • Oxidation of soots in an environmental transmission electron microscope
  • Measurement of strain in nitride nanostructures
  • Interaction layer between a tungsten carbide tool and titanium alloy workpiece

KASN10 - Materials Chemistry

Supervision of materials related projects. Past projects include quantification of beam effects in ETEM studies, and tests of multivariate analysis methods to aid interpretation of X-ray spectrum images.



Martin Ek

Associate Senior Lecturer


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