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Jan-Olle Malm

Jan-Olle Malm holds a M Sc in chemical engineering and he received his Ph D in inorganic chemistry at Lund University in 1991. He was appointed professor in 2005. In 2006 he was awarded Excellent teaching practitioner (ETP) by the Faculty of engineering, Lund University. Presently he is deputy head of Center for Analysis and Synthesis at the Department of Chemistry.


The common denominator when it comes to research is electron microscopy. This technique is e.g. applied to structural characterization of nanoparticles, high-resolution studies of semiconductor nanostructures, cryo-transmission electron microscopy and image-simulation/image-processing techniques for high resolution micrographs.

Recent work focuses on resolution-enhancement by post-processing of high resolution transmission micrographs and on applying crystallographic techniques on the nanometer level.


Responsible for teaching general chemistry to several study programmes (e.g Chemical engineering, Biotechnology, Fire engineering and Environmental engineering) at the Faculty of engineering. Also teaches parts of courses in inorganic chemistry and materials characterization.


Jan-Olle Malm



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