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Ulf Ellervik

Professor Ulf  Ellervik (born in Linköping, December 7, 1969) received his undergraduate training at the Lund Institute of Technology where he started in 1989. He graduated as Civilingenjör (MSc) in Chemical Engineering in 1993 and began research in Organic Chemistry working with professor Göran Magnusson in 1994. After presenting his  thesis "Synthetic Analogs of Sialyl Lewis X" in October 1998 he spent almost two years working with professor Peter B. Dervan at California Institute of Technology as a post-doctoral fellow. From Caltech he went back to Lund Institute of Technology where he now holds a position as associate professor. Dr Ellervik has received prizes from the student association (best teacher at the chemical engineering division 1998, 2001 and 2008) as well as academic prizes (Fabian Gyllenberg Price 1999, and King Oscar II award 1999). In 2006 he received the degree of Excellent Teaching Practice (ETP) and in 2009 he was promoted to Professor in Bioorganic Chemistry at the Lund Institute of Technology (Lund University).

Ulf Ellervik is also responsible for the project "Molekyler finns" - the outreach program in chemistry at The Chemical Center at Lund University.


Ulf Ellervik

Professor, Bioorganic Chemistry


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