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The Strand Group

Chemical synthesis

The Strand group specializes in the synthesis of complex molecules. Broadly, our research program involves both developing methods for chemical synthesis and the use of organic synthesis to develop molecular solutions to  problems of significance in catalysis, biology, medicine, and material science. The common denominator in our projects is a mechanistic perspective that underlies rational design of both new molecules and reactions.

Fall 2019. Assorted group members and affiliates bringing the crayfish

Many of our research projects have an inter- or cross-disciplinary nature, why we maintain close collaborations with groups at the Departments of Physics, Biology, and Medicine at Lund University.

Our work is supported by funding from the Swedish Research Council, The Carl Trygger Foundation,  the Crafoord foundation, Gyllenstiernska Krapperupstiftelsen, and the LMK foundation [link to project].


Daniel Strand

Senior Lecturer, Organic Synthesis

E-mail: daniel.strand[at]

+46 (0)46-222 81 23

Postal address:
Organic Chemistry
Lund University
P.O. Box 124
SE-221 00 Lund

Visiting address:
Getingev 60 /Sölvegatan 39

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Open positions

Open positions:  

Postdoc candidates with a strong background in organic synthesis can contact DS directly.


2020-09-02 We contribute to a publication by the Massoumi-group that shows epi-enpiroline to be a drug lead against neuroblastoma.

2020-08-25 We welcome Sarah Lembke to the group!

2020-08-18 The date for the annual Strand group crayfish party is set to the 28th. The office is pimped, and the pump-up is on!

2020-05-05 Our collaboration with the Wärnmark group on an iron(IV) complex is published in CEJ. Congratulations to all involved!

2020-02-07 DS gives a lecture at LUBRIC on the reciprocity between developments in complex molecule synthesis and sustainable production. 

2020-01-25 DS gives a lecture at Oslo University (that includes conformational analysis, no less) and does jury duty as faculty opponent.

2020-01-13 Welcome to the group: Albert Ruiz from U. Barcelona who will be doing undergraduate research with us!

2020-01-06 The group starts the year with a fun example of asymmetric Lewis acid catalysis using an achiral ligand. The paper can be found [here]