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How to access nCHREM

We welcome many scientists who come to access the nCHREM facility, both internal users and those from other Universities or from Companies.  If you wish to apply to use the facility please make an initial contact with the facility manager, Crispin Hetherington.  Aspects of the project that need to be considered include sample preparation, stability of the material in an electron beam and whether an operator is needed for the instrument. 

The following pdf documents show the hourly rates for access to the nCHREM facility: rates for internal or external academic users, and rates for commercial companies.

Some users, particularly industrial users in Sweden needing advanced TEM, may qualify to work within a "Research Infrastructure" called the Atomic Resolution Cluster (ARC).  The scheme is funded by the Sweden Foundation for Strategic Research and offers discounted fees for accessing advanced microscopes in Lund and in Linköping.

For projects requiring equipment that is not available in Lund, there are possibilities to be directed to partners within the ARTEMI network of advanced EM facilities in Sweden.  Since this network receives no external funding at present, users must expect to pay standard hourly rates.