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KASN15 Microscopical Characterisation (formerly KOO 065)

The 2019 course on Microscopical Characterisation of Solid and Biological Materials will start on Monday 25 March.  It is also sometimes referred to as the "Hands on" course featuring the "unknown samples"

Course book:

"Transmission Electron Microscopy" by David B. Williams and C. Barry Carter, Springer second edition 2009.  The e-book (pdf) can be found at Lund University Library. You can download our Williams and Carter literature guide pdf (86kB) for the course here (and note this 2015 literature guide is still valid).

Further reading:

"Scanning Electron Microscopy" is a substantial chapter by Rudolf Reichelt in the book "Science of Microscopy", edited by Peter W Hawkes and John C H Spence, Springer 2007.   The chapter can also be downloaded via the e-book (pdf) in Lund University Library.


Lecture 1 covered basics of TEM and you can download lecture 1 pdf (1.6MB) here (from 2017).

(Further lectures to be added here.)

Reine Wallenberg and Crispin Hetherington   (Course Coordinators)


(editor of this webpage - Crispin,   updated - 15 May 2019)